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Arts & Entertainment

Includes people outstanding in the fields of architecture, all areas of artistic endeavor, and entertainers such as radio, music, and TV personalities.

Potential Nominees*: Aretha Franklin, Berry Gordy, Jay Norwood Darling, Albert Kahn, Madonna, Gilda Radner, Mary Chase Stratton, Danny Thomas, Stevie Wonder, Minoru Yamasaki

  Civic and Community Leadership

Includes leaders of law, political and social institutions and movements or community activists

Potential Nominees*: Richard H. Austin, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, Lewis Cass, Gerald Ford, Frank Murphy, Rosa Parks, Chief Pontiac, Walter Reuther, Sojourner Truth, Delia Villegas Vorhauer, Mother Waddles, Malcolm X
Athletics and Recreation

Includes people known for achievements in athletics or recreation and/or as promoters, journalists or broadcasters in these fields

Potential Nominees*: Michael Adray, Fred Bear, Ernie Harwell, Gordie Howe, Al Kaline, Tara Lapinski, Joe Louis, Jeanne Omelenchuk, Sue Novara, Roger Penske, Gale Sayers, Sheila Young
  Education and Literature

Includes teachers and educational administrators, those who have devoted themselves to education in non-school settings, and writers of non-technical creative works, including poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction 

Potential Nominees*: Chris Van Allsburg, Andrew J. Blackbird, John Hannah, Ring W. Lardner, Terry McMillan, Joyce Carol Oates, Henry Pattengill, Philip Slomovitz, Helen Thomas, Sarah Van Hoosen Jones 
Agriculture, Business and Industry

Includes people who have pioneered or significantly changed the field of agriculture and/or production or sale of goods and services; those who have changed the way agricultural and traditional business is done.

Potential Nominees*: William E. Boeing, Henry Crapo, Henry H. Dow, William Durant, Henry Ford, Joseph L. Hudson, WK Kellogg, Fred Meijer, Alfred P. Sloan, Elton Smith, Frank Venegas
  Medicine, Science & Technology

Includes people who restore and maintain health; or have contributed to our understanding of the environment and world or created practical innovations that make life easier

Potential Nominees*: William Beaumont, William Austin Burt, Thomas Edison, Tsu Ming Han, Robert Kedzie, Pearl Kendrick and Grace Eldering, Charles Kettering, Henry M. Leland, Elijah McCoy, Larry Page

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* The above-listed names represent individuals who have made significant contributions to the state, nation, or world in their respective fields. While each individual warrants a Michigan Walk of Fame nomination, they are listed here as nominee examples. 

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